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SEC Power Poll Results, Week 7: Gaps


1. LSU Tigers, 153.5 points (10.5 first-place votes)
2. Alabama Crimson Tide, 145.5 (2.5)
3. Arkansas Razorbacks, 130
4. Auburn Tigers, 110
5. South Carolina Gamecocks, 102
6. Georgia Bulldogs, 99
7. Florida Gators, 78
8. Vanderbilt Commodores, 56
9. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 53
10. Tennessee Volunteers, 48
11. Mississippi Rebels, 21.5
12. Kentucky Wildcats, 17.5 

Alabama is picking up a little bit of support heading into the Nov. 5 showdown with LSU, and Arkansas isn't that far behind. Auburn's defeat of Florida was apparently impressive enough to move them back ahead of a South Carolina that they fell behind one week after beating the Gamecocks. Georgia still falls a few points behind South Carolina, which seems only fair since they lost to the Gamecocks at home and stuff.

Here's something to try to wrap your mind around: Florida is 21 points behind Georgia and 22 points ahead of Vanderbilt.  Meanwhile, Vanderbilt is slightly ahead of Mississippi State and even further ahead of Tennessee. No wonder James Franklin felt confident enough to try to fight with Todd Grantham. And Ole Miss is gaining on Kentucky for our prestigious "Worst of the Best" award.



Having Trent Richardson is unfair.--The ACC & SEC Blog

Trent Richardson's ankle-snapping juke was just the beginning.  Alabama has given up 100 yards rushing only once this season.  If you're not afraid of the Tide defense, you haven't been paying attention.--A Sea Of Blue

Choosing between Alabama and Louisiana State is like choosing a president in an election in which both parties nominated someone really good. You know, if it ever happened.--Dawg Sports


For a team coming off three straight games against ranked opponents, it sure feels like the Razorbacks have had as nondescript a first half of the season as anyone in the conference. They might remain completely below the radar until they head to Baton Rouge the day after Thanksgiving.--SB Nation Atlanta

The Hogs finish the season with six straight conference games.--Get the Picture

The Razorbacks feel a lot like Iowa or Michigan State did in the Big 10 when Michigan and Ohio State were rolling.--The ACC & SEC Blog


In games against two of the top three teams in the East, Ted Roof's defense has given up a total of nineteen points. There's no better evidence in support of Western superiority than that.--Get the Picture

Auburn may really be looking forward to joining the East the way things currently stand.--The ACC & SEC Blog

I love the fact that the clash between offensive geniuses Gus Malzahn and Charlie Weis produced a final score that looked like it came from the ALCS.--Dawg Sports


Muschamp's anger in fact that he couldn't find the end zone flaked off into cussing at refs on national TV. Florida is 0-3 in October with UGA up next. Will they even get a win this month?--Hog Database

I really hope Will Muschamp and Todd Grantham disagree about something in two weeks.--The ACC & SEC Blog

Sans an experienced QB and down one Jeff Demps, the Gators are mostly toothless.--A Sea Of Blue


Georgia is still tied for 1st place after struggling to beat a lowly Vanderbilt team. The SEC Least looks pretty horrible.--Hog Database

Remember when people were calling for Richt's job?--And The Valley Shook

The Dawgs scored an ugly win over Vanderbilt, but that kind of play would have resulted in a loss in seasons past.  So, progress of a sort.--Get the Picture


Jacksonville State is 5-1 right now, so if they could beat last year's Ole Miss squad, they can certainly beat this year's Kentucky team.--SBN Atlanta

It's no longer funny there, Joker.--Leftover Hot Dog

I hear Hal Mumme is available.--The ACC & SEC Blog


The Tigers did what superior teams are supposed to do, steadily dismantled a weaker conference opponent on the road.--Get the Picture

The Jordan Jefferson experiment seems to be working, but I not convinced it still may not blow up in Les Miles face down the road.--The ACC & SEC Blog

LSU is a smash-mouth team, and Tennessee's Chiclets are strewn all over Neyland Stadium.--A Sea Of Blue


Well, you scored first against Alabama, at least. Maybe that can be a bullet point for Houston Nutt's resume when he starts applying for jobs in a few weeks.--SBN Atlanta

Honestly, I thought I'd be enjoying this more, but I'm beginning to feel bad for Ole--- no, just kidding. This is hysterical. I'm DVR'ing every game.--And The Valley Shook

This team has only scored 7 more points in conference than Kentucky.--A Sea Of Blue


There is a used bandwagon on Craig's List. Lightly used. Good condition.--And The Valley Shook

If Dan Mullen is a genius, then why is MSU averaging just a shade over 15 ppg in conference play?--Get the Picture

They may be the best team ever to start 0-4 in SEC play.--Dawg Sports


Over the past few weeks, the Gamecock offense had barely been making any progress with Marcus Lattimore in the lineup. Without him, they may be lucky just to make it back to the Peach Bowl.--SBN Atlanta

If I'm Alshon Jeffery, I'm waiting for an anvil to fall on my head or something to complete the trifecta.--And The Valley Shook

The 'Cocks resume their old habit of playing down to the level of their opponent.--Get the Picture


The good news is, the Vols are one week closer to being done with LSU and Alabama on back-to-back weekends.--And The Valley Shook

The Volunteer Navy has raised the white flag on 2011.--The ACC & SEC Blog

Matt Simms is no Tyler Bray, but to be fair, Bray wouldn't have made much difference.--A Sea Of Blue


I'll give 'em credit for never saying die, at least. Though someone might want to remind James Franklin that it's OK to say die once the game is actually, you know, over.--SBN Atlanta

I would say you don't get credit for "almost wins" but at Vandy, you sort of do.--And The Valley Shook

Before the year is out, James Franklin's Commodores are going to surprise someone in the SEC.--Vanderbilt Sports Line