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Ballotry: Half the SEC Power Poll Ballot for TSK

By the way, because it seemed reasonable to me and the computer on which I had stored all my information literally died, I just submitted Year2's BlogPoll ballot as our ballot this week. On to the SEC Power Poll ballot.

1. LSU
All the remaining teams on their schedule except Alabama should just forfeit now. This is the scariest team I've seen in a while.

2. Alabama
When was the last time Alabama dropped 50 on a team from the SEC? Generally, Nick Saban is content to just pound you to death, producing the most lopsided 23-7 game you've ever seen.

3. Arkansas
I still have this sneaking suspicion that they're paper Razorbacks, but they keep winning enough to look impressive.

4. Auburn
I'm almost certain that they're paper Tigers, but the East is a filing cabinet full of paper, so there's no reason not to have them here.

5. South Carolina
And the Gamecocks are now paper thin on offense with Marcus Lattimore out for the year. The Arkansas game might be only conference game remaining where that matters, but it also might cost them the East.

6. Georgia
This is as low as I'm going to put them, just to make sure I don't piss off Todd Grantham.

7. Florida
"Decided schematic advantage" is quickly turning into a synonym of "completely starting quarterback-dependent offense."

8. Tennessee
They're playing South Carolina in two weeks. Football might actually die.

9. Vanderbilt
Came thisclose to beating Georgia before James Franklin came thisclose to trying to beat up Todd Grantham.

10. Mississippi State
Dan Mullen is morphing into Sylvester Croom without the booming voice.

11. Ole Miss
Next season, with 100 percent less Nutt.

12. Kentucky
Will Joker walk the plank at the end of the season?