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SEC Power Poll Results: Midseason


1. LSU Tigers, 95 points (7 first-place votes)
2. Alabama Crimson Tide, 89 (1)
3. Arkansas Razorbacks, 79
4. South Carolina Gamecocks, 72
5. Georgia Bulldogs, 60.5
6. Auburn Tigers, 60
7. Florida Gators, 48.5
8. Tennessee Volunteers, 39
9. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 28.5
10. Vanderbilt Commodores, 27.5
11. Mississippi Rebels, 16
12. Kentucky Wildcats, 9

LSU maintains the top spot in this week's edition, and South Carolina gets back into the Top 4 -- its drubbing of a Kentucky team that could end up winless in the SEC apparently convincing enough to end up two spots ahead of a team that beat the Gamecocks the prior weekend. Georgia also edges out Auburn.

And Kentucky is has not been significantly impressive for at least one of our voters to rank them in last place. Really, what else do they need to do.

Our apologies for the lateness and the brevity. We've had some hiccups in the voting system that we hope to have corrected by next week. And the dog ate our Internet connection.



When LSU and Alabama finally get together, it may affect the Earth's orbit.--A Sea Of Blue


In any other conference, Arkansas would be a legit frontrunner for the league title.--Red Cup Rebellion


We knew the defense was a sieve, and now the offense seems to be getting worse with each passing week.--SB Nation Atlanta


And you wonder why Urban left.--Leftover Hot Dog


The Red and Black racked up some serious style points on Saturday night. Don't believe me? Dude, calling a running play on third and 57 takes panache!--Dawg Sports


Vanderbilt minus the defense.--Get the Picture


The first touchdown called back due to excessive celebration in a BCS-conference game ... and the penalty was called on LSU's punter. You can't tell me Les Miles didn't script that.--SB Nation Atlanta


Speaking of teams somehow finding a way to manufacture six wins: If the Rebels can get wins over Kentucky and LaTech, then find a way to pull road upsets in Auburn and Stark ... yeah, OK, forget I said anything.--SB Nation Atlanta


Scheduling all those Conference USA road games is going to look like a brilliant move when the Western Division Bulldogs roll into Memphis fully prepared to win the Liberty Bowl.--Dawg Sports


So that's what pulling out all the stops against the worst team in the conference looks like.--Get the Picture


In his presser, Dooley rambled about bamboo and water, which is zenspeak for 'You can't win in this conference without a running game."--Get the Picture


No match for Alabama, but at least they didn't give up 54 points to a sophomore quarterback.--A Sea Of Blue