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Oh, Yeah, the SEC Power Poll Ballot and Stuff

Or half of it anyway. Quick like

1. LSU
Read the last several ballots for justification for this.

2. Alabama

3. Arkansas
Beat Auburn the way South Carolina or any other purportedly elite SEC team should have.

4. Auburn
But there's still not a reason to drop the Tigers below the Gamecocks.

5. South Carolina
Connor Shaw defeated Kentucky and Stephen Garcia in a single week.

6. Florida
They've looked awful against Alabama and LSU. So would South Carolina and Georgia if they had to play Alabama and LSU.

7. Georgia
Beat Tennessee convincingly, but it will take more than that to win the SEC East. Not much more.

8. Tennessee
At this point, Smokey might have to play quarterback -- assuming it's over its injury.

9. Vanderbilt
Still a year or ten away from being able to play with Alabama.

10. Mississippi State
Rarely has anyone in the state actually used the phrase, "Thank goodness for Mississippi." I'm betting Dan Mullen has.

11. Ole Miss
No, Coach Nutt, it's actually against NCAA bylaws for Stephen Garcia to transfer to Ole Miss this year. I checked with some folks. I'm sure you did as well.

12. Kentucky
Avast, matey!