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Texas A&M to the SEC Goes Mainstream

Take all of these reports with a grain of salt -- there is so much information swirling around out there that some of it is bound to be wrong. But at least two mainstream media sources are reporting that Texas A&M is looking more and more likely to join the SEC. The implication is that the next 24 hours could be critical, with the board voting as soon as next week and Larry Scott set to counter Mike Slive's rumored trip to College Station on Sunday.

The Birmingham News:

Barring political intervention in the Lone Star State, two well-connected SEC insiders told The Birmingham News today, Texas A&M is going to leave the Big 12 and join the SEC.

Of course, with an election coming up this November in Texas and the fact that sports and politics are rarely separate matters there, that's a heck of a caveat. But if Rick Perry stays true to his word -- and there's no way it won't be reported if he doesn't -- then the Aggies can do what they want. Otherwise, Gene Stallings and his allies have a huge fight ahead of them. (HT: Capstone Report)

But even from Texas-based media, there are indications that Stallings might be winning. The Dallas Morning News, which has been skeptical of A&M-to-SEC rumors:

A source familiar with the situation described an undecided board of regents and a potential razor-thin margin either way, with the SEC camp having the momentum. Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott, armed with invites, will visit with A&M officials [Sunday] on a trip around Texas with stops at UT and Texas Tech, a source familiar with the schedule confirmed.

The visit by Scott could well be the last chance the Pac-11 has to make its case to A&M directly; after that, it will be up to the University of Texas and supporters of a Pac-16 within A&M to lobby the Aggies. Signs are looking increasingly good for the SEC at this point, but a determined effort by Scott and Texas cannot be discounted.

Hang on. This is about to get very, very interesting. As if it wasn't already.