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Sprints Doesn't Really Think Houston Nutt's Going to Colorado -- But It's Fun to Think About It // 11.29.10


What does Houston Nutt have to tell his football team?
As much speculation as might be out there about Houston Nutt's future can be attributed to Mr. Giggity himself. Veazey:

Coach Houston Nutt added the intrigue when he was asked after the game what sort of items he wants to address after the season. "There’s a few things," he said. "I’m going to get into that Sunday. I just -- I want to talk to my team first before they read it. I want them to hear it first."

Wha? In case your wondering, the meeting was rescheduled for today. Nutt already had a pre-scheduled media availability at 3 p.m. ET Monday. That probably led to this ...

A blog few people have ever heard of is saying that Nutt is going to Colorado. IT MUST BE TRUE!!!

Except maybe it isn't
For Whom The Cowbell Tolls reports that a Denver news station is reporting that Mike Bohn is denying this. At least there's a name on that one.

Nutt issues a sort of kind of denial
This one to Parrish Alford.

A few minutes ago Nutt responded to a text message and said the reports were "not true." Asked if he anticipated being the coach at Ole Miss next season, Nutt responded, "yes."

There have been stronger denials. (cough cough will not be the next Alabama coach cough cough) So stay tuned.

The Ralphie Report: No, thanks
That said, our Colorado blog has the main reasons the program would likely not want to go from Dan Hawkins to Houston Nutt.

Has the Boise State name in his background and has gone 4-8 in 2010. Just would not be well accepted by former Colorado Buffalo players and the fan base.

Cmon, guys! GIGGITY!


Um, I don't know if Steve Addazio is headed out or not
Meyer was asked about coaching changes after the loss to Florida State and responded: "I’m not even going to get into that right now." For at least a while, Addazio is still the offensive coordinator at Florida.

Dan McCarney apparently headed to North Texas
He could have just set himself on fire, but gas prices are pretty high right now.

This would be the greatest thing ever, right, Florida fans?
We'll do our own bowl projections shortly, but think about Zook vs. Florida in the Gator Bowl. And then laugh. Unless you're a Florida fan, in which case your head has probably already exploded.

Richt headed to Memphis for the bowl game, probably not to Miami for a job
Lots of news from Marc Weiszer's excellent follow-up to Georgia's win against Georgia Tech, which you are encouraged to read in full. First of all: Georgia fans, you can now celebrate the fact that Mark Richt has apparently decided that Mike Bobo will lead your team's offense again next year. The Miami rumors?

"I’ve got the same answer for that as I had for the other one," Richt said Sunday evening. "Georgia’s my home and it’s where I want to finish my career."

That's a classic case of a non-denial denial, but Richt deserves the benefit of the doubt after his track record at Georgia. That said, It probably wouldn't hurt his feelings if word got out that Miami offered him a deal, just to remind the anti-Richt fringe of the fan base that other teams would like him to be their coach.

Meanwhile, Liberty Bowl executive director Steve Ehrhart either has the world's worst poker face, or he just metaphorically spit in the face of SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. The SEC office has made it very clear that they don't want the bowl selections released until after the Championship Game, so Ehrhart merely said ...

"A couple of guys in the locker room last night said they wanted to go to Graceland," Ehrhart said.

Way to keep a secret.

Groo's words for the Dawgs' win are perfect
I won't ruin them here.

Another chance to lose to Tennessee, or millions of dollars?
That appears to be Randall Cobb's choice as he makes it look like he will actually pause for a moment begins to consider the NFL.

"Now that this game is over I'm going to go do some research and do all my homework and see what's best for me," Cobb said. "I've gotta be a little selfish and make the decision that's best for me, but my heart's always going to be in blue."

There is really not much for Randall Cobb to accomplish at Kentucky. And I'm not saying that because I'm a fan of an SEC East team and would much rather face any team without Cobb than any team with him. Not at all.

Vanderbilt's job just got harder
Indiana fired Bill Lynch, which means that the Big Ten version of Vanderbilt is also in coach-searching mode. Meanwhile, Louisiana-Lafayette finally showed their coach the door. You don't think that La-La could be looking in the same places that Vanderbilt would be? You realize the Commodores got their last coach from Furman, right?