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Sprints Is Getting Ready for Thanksgiving // 11.25.10

This will be brief today.


Mississippi secretary of state wants to know whether to fold 'em
The office will talk to Kenny Rogers about his role in the Newton investigation. His lawyer says this is to clear up whether Rogers should be classified as an agent.

"I think they want to know whether they’ve misnamed Kenny or no," Zeit said. "Everyone wants to keep calling him an agent. The reality is that he is not and never has been."

Oh. Well, if that's the case, he's totally in the clear. Because there's no reason his lawyer would lie about such a thing.

Eric Ramsey's story
There's not much new here, but it's an interesting read if nothing else.


Not that it's a real surprise with the last game this weekend ...
But Florida's Matt Patchan has officially been ruled out for the season. Or what's left of it Urban Meyer, speak.

We feel confident and so does Matt, and his family, that he should be ready to crank it up real close to full-contact in the spring. We need him.

Florida quarterbacks, who have been sacked almost twice a game this year, would probably agree.

Mike Leach sues ESPN, PR firm
The continuation of the litigation-filled exit of Leach from Texas Tech. More interesting: Some of the depositions from his lawsuit against Texas Tech.

So when do we get the reports on Kellen Moore?
Now, Oregon is defending Heisman candidate LaMichael James from reports that he was seen driving a Range Rover. We are apparently supposed to believe that there is something wrong with that.