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Sprints Focuses on Rivalry Week But Notices the Cam Newton Stories // 11.24.10

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This is not the way to do this
Listen, I understand the disaster that was the 2004 Clemson-Carolina game -- heck, I was a fan and lived it, to an extent. But there's a difference between that and ... well, this.

Swinney, in his second full season as Clemson head coach, said Tuesday that Spurrier called him "a couple times this year," apparently to offer encouragement.

Spurrier said Swinney texted with congratulations on South Carolina's SEC East championship victory over Florida. The Head Ball Coach called Swinney last weekend.

NO NO NO NO NO. There's a difference between treating a fellow coach with respect and having a buddy-buddy relationship with your in-state rival. That should never, ever happen.

Both teams having not been good very often will do that
You might have noticed that this year's Egg Bowl features a team that's good against a team that is, quite frankly, not. As Veazey points out, that's par for the course.

In the history of the rivalry, the two teams have only met five times in games that preceded bowl invitations to both. Those games came in 1963, 1992 and 1998-2000 -- a three-year period that may well have been the Golden Era of the Golden Egg.

Then what would we call the Sylvester Croom-Ed Orgeron Era?

Snap -- Mullen drops an Allyn McKeen reference on Ole Miss
Rebel Black Bear fans should hate McKeen, even if they don't know it.

The Iron Bowl historical numbers
Kleph gives you all the scores and records you could possibly want about the rivalry.

The meaning of '517' for the Wildcats
It's maybe the worst part of 25.

The Mayor's National Game of Disinterest
You'll never guess which one it is.


A look at Holy Zion Center of Deliverance
With the holidays coming and no news about Cam Newton for a few days, it's time for newspapers to do stories that are either big-picture or granular. In this case, The New York Times goes with the latter, focusing on the church whose financing has been at the center of some people's questions about the case.

At least we now have a more accurate name for the Big Ten
USA TODAY goes with an angle that might only be a surprise to USA TODAY: The FBI makes it easier for the NCAA to find things out. I know. I was shocked as well. In any case, the main source for this story is logically Up North Commissioner Jim Delany. Because he has ... no ties or apparent knowledge of this whatsoever.

"Each area has its own unique set of challenges and priorities," he said. "I don't know why they are involved down South (with Newton). They may view this as really a corrupting influence, but they may not view it the same way in Iowa."

Did the Up North commissioner just say that nobody cares if Iowa cheats? I think so.


Enes Kanter appeal likely to happen in December
He should be in Turkey by New Year's Day.

Dr. Saturday on the Auburn defense ... or lack thereof
We all kind of know this intuitively, then tend to forget it when the season rolls around. The Doc reminds us that the defensive issues on the Plains mean something.

Progress for LeGrand
Eric LeGrand of Rutgers is off of a ventilator. Thoughts and prayers.