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Sprints Thinks Pat Dye Knows of What He Speaks // 11.23.10

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Is this really who you want to be your spokesman on this?
Coming to the defense of Cam Newton and Auburn in the pay-for-play investigation -- Pat Dye. This literally no part of this that is not funny.

"I do know this," Dye said. "Jay Jacobs and Gene Chizik have unquestioned character and integrity. And if they’re playing him, they don’t know anything either or any reason not to play him."

Dye then added -- well, we'll never know, because he wouldn't say as long as reporters were in the room and might put it in the paper.

Dye then asked if there were any media members in the audience, and there were at least four or five.

"Are you gonna write what I say?" he asked. "If you are, I’m not gonna say it. All you got to say is. ‘I won’t write what you say.’ These people pay their money to come to this club to hear what the guy says, and some of us up here will tell it like it is, but we don’t like to read about it in the paper the next day."

Profile in courage, that one.

Why would Vanderbilt suddenly want results now?
I'm not sure this is inevitable, and it shouldn't be, but Robbie Caldwell is apparently on the hot seat this weekend as he plays Wake Forest.

"If it is my last game, well, I'll be sad because I've enjoyed my time here at Vanderbilt," Caldwell said. "Hopefully it won't be. But if it is, I understand. It's the life of a football coach, unfortunately, this day and time."

Let's be clear: The guy was promoted in July after the longtime head coach, Bobby Johnson, bolted the program -- which is not a criticism of Johnson so much as a statement of fact. To expect a coach to take over a decades-long also-ran two months before the season and turn it into anything more than an also-ran is completely unreasonable, and the kind of thing that ought to make any coach who would actually consider taking the reins at Vanderbilt to think again.

Give the man at least one full offseason. And if he doesn't work out after that, you've got every right to demand accountability.

Because he missed the important second half of the game
Carl Moore won't miss a half this week for a fight with an Appalachian State player.

They still would have gone 8-4
Chris Rainey is among the players who almost went to Florida State instead of Florida.

Ole Miss will be short-handed for Egg Bowl
Melvin Harris, the teams leading receiver, has been suspended for the dreaded violation of team rules.

Dan Mullen takes another shot at Ole Miss. Sun rises
Mullen is quickly becoming the Steve Spurrier of Mississippi -- continuing to say "the school up north" and staying with his statement about which team in his state is moving in which direction, made after last year's edition of the Egg Bowl.

"Ever since that game to now, we are the program that’s on the rise and we plan to keep it that way," Mullen said Monday.

At least there's something to make the game interesting.