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Sprints is Thankfully Cam Newton-Free For Now // 11.22.10

We can only hope they won't wear these monstrosities to the Georgia Dome.
We can only hope they won't wear these monstrosities to the Georgia Dome.

You put this team in, you take this team out
Okay, so here's how the great Boise State-Ole Miss-Georgia scheduling issue worked out: Boise State and Georgia will open 2011 in the Georgia Dome. Boise and the Rebel Black Bears will open 2014 in the Georgia Dome. In return, Ole Miss will get BYU as its opening day opponent next year. And a $1.1 million payout, when the payment for BYU is factored in. (BYU is still doing guarantee games? YAY INDEPENDENCE!!!)

"Being able to move (Boise State) to the Chick-Fil-A Classic in the 2014 season opener is a dream come true for everybody here," Boone said.

Of course, by then, ESPN might have someone else that they want to schedule against Boise.

The Mayor sees this as an all-in move
Which, given all the hot-seat talk Mark Richt already saw swirl around his office this year, could be a good or a bad thing. Win, and the talk could go away for good. Lose, and it's likely to start all over again.

Well, Greg McGarity and Mark Richt have gone "all in" on Boise State as the season-opening opponent for a make-or-break year for Georgia football. In 2005, the Broncos faced the Bulldogs in the game that would establish whether they were yet ready to join the nation’s elite; in 2011, the Bulldogs will face the Broncos in the game that will establish whether they are yet ready to return to the nation’s elite.

It does set up a significant game for both teams. Boise will be looking to send a message to its new conference. Georgia will be looking to prove just how much the Dawgs will improve after the end of this year and another offseason of practice. It should be a can't-miss game. Which is exactly why ESPN worked to get it booked.

Wildcats could go to the Gator Bowl
And all they have to do is win a game they haven't won since Ronald Reagan was celebrating his re-election.

Gator Bowl President Rick Catlett said three SEC teams are under consideration: Florida, Mississippi State and Kentucky. All three teams wrap up the regular season against archrivals, and Catlett said the selection could come down to which of the three teams has the most momentum going into the game.

Momentum? Florida has momentum? When did that happen?

The hits keep coming for the Tide
Greg McElroy was not selected to go to the next step of the Rhodes Scholarship competition. In all seriousness, congratulations to McElroy for making it as far as he did.

The triumph of Mitch Mustain
HE MIGHT START. After transferring away from Fayetteville after the 2006 season to get more starts, Mitch Mustain will finally get to start. Sure, it's in an ultimately meaningless game ...

"He has played well for us in scrimmages since we've been here, so we look for him to play a lot better than he did Saturday if he's the guy," Kiffin said.

It's always nice to have a ringing endorsement from the head coach.