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Sprints Agrees With Spurrier on South Carolina-Florida // 11.01.10

Spurrier is sort of kind of not really actually maybe calling the plays
It took all of one week for Steve Spurrier to reconsider his decision not calling the plays. The whole convoluted quote is in this post; it's too long to put here in it's entirety, and I'm not exactly sure what it means to begin with. Spurrier probably should be calling the plays for the South Carolina offense.

But that wasn't all he had to say. The Head Ball Coach was not too amused when someone brought up the possibility of winning the SEC East this week -- which would require an upset of his alma mater by someone else.

"So, you're telling me Vanderbilt's going to beat Florida?" Spurrier said.

Well ...

In all likelihood, the South Carolina-Florida game will end up with a four- or five-win team ranked somewhere in the high teens or low twenties heading to Atlanta to get decimated by Auburn. But that would be an improvement for South Carolina.

How serious this is could be a topic of great debate
The Gamecocks have lost Chris Culliver for the season, which could make a great deal of difference if it actually makes a pretty bad secondary even worse.

Culliver is likely out for the season, Spurrier said, after suffering some sort of shoulder injury Saturday. Culliver has had two different surgeries on his left shoulder, including one this past offseason.

Of course, injuries to a unit are always bad news. But if Culliver's shoulder problems were hurting his ability to play -- and they very well might have made a major difference -- getting someone new in there might help the team. Or, Ryan Mallett could come in and pass for 500 yards Saturday.

Wake them up when October ends (just did)
Another sign that Tennessee football isn't at the same level as it was under Lane Kiffin: What a pitiful first arrest for Derek Dooley.

Defensive lineman Jacques Smith was involved in a fight early Sunday morning after the Vols lost 38-24 at No. 18 South Carolina. It was the first arrest during the season under coach Derek Dooley in his first year with the program. Smith was issued a warrant for simple assault after an incident at RT Warehouse on Cumberland Avenue, turned himself in and was released later in the day on $2,000 bond according to a statement from the Knoxville Police Department.

That's it? C'mon, Kiffin brought us armed robbery of a convenience store. With Dooley, we get a fight over a woman. That doesn't make great copy, coach. Give us something to work with here.

Because a quarterback controversy is exactly what a 2-6 team needs
Derek Dooley is weighing where Tennessee goes with its signal-callers after an uneven effort during the South Carolina game.

"I'll probably address where we're headed on that (today) just because I feel like we need to sit down and talk to the players -- like I do every week," Dooley said on his Sunday afternoon teleconference. "I just haven't had that chance."

The "today" in the quote is Monday, so if you hear some time this afternoon that Matt Simms is considering a transfer, you'll know why.

Georgia playing for Birmingham Bowl and 'honor'
So what does a coach whose team hasn't missed a bowl game in nearly 15 years hope to draw on to win?

"Right now, I think we think about winning the rest of our games, starting with Idaho State," Richt said Sunday. "That's all we can do at this point, and there is honor in that."

Yes, nothing says honor like meeting South Florida in Birmingham on a frigid January morning. Actually, at this point, it would still be a pretty remarkable turnaround for the Dawgs after starting the year 1-4. At any rate, the win against Idaho State should be a pretty safe bet right now. The Auburn game is a likely loss. Which should set up an interesting game with the Yellow Jackets to end the season.

End of stupid cowbell standoff could be at hand
It appears that the Mississippi State fans "rang responsibly," falling what continues to be one of the dumbest rules in college sports.

"It just goes to show our people, our fans, did everything they can to help the program," Stricklin said. "I think the message finally got through that this is the way you help. ... Ringing the bells at the inappropriate time was not helping and, boy, how gratifying is that for our coaches and staff?"

I bet Dan Mullen and many other coaches across the SEC would be even more gratified if they didn't have to worry about whether someone would ring their cowbell at the wrong time. Followed or not, there is still no reason for this rule to exist. Unfortunately, saving the cowbell might just convince the SEC that the compromise worked.

Well, that should make everything so much better
The WAC lives!

Texas State will receive an invitation to join the Western Athletic Conference within the next 30 days -- or sooner -- along with Denver, Seattle and Texas-San Antonio. Montana has gone from a sure bet to sitting on the fringe, at least for the time being.

It's too bad. Montana is just the kind of school the WAC needs to finally make itself an AQ conference. Who could miss the ratings magnet that would be the Grizzlies vs. Syracuse in the Orange Bowl? (HT: Cowboy Altitude)