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Other Half of the SEC Power Poll Ballot


1. Auburn
They might not have a defense, but as long as they have Cameron Newton, it might not really matter.

2. LSU
They might not have an offense, but as long as they have a unicorn as their head coach, it might not really matter.

3. Alabama
I'm beginning to feel a little bit ridiculous for picking them to repeat as national champions. They just seem to always be one or two plays from great.

4. Mississippi State
They would win the East by at least three games.

5. South Carolina
Nothing I type about them won't turn into a long, all-caps rant.

6. Arkansas
Their second-string quarterback might make the All-SEC team. Too bad no player on their defense could make the All-WAC team.

7. Florida
Defense wins championships, but only if you score at some point in the game.

8. Georgia
Most schizophrenic team in the nation right now.

9. Kentucky
Ha! Now you have to deal with the letdown factor.

10. Ole Miss
Should they be ahead of a team they defeated a few weeks ago? Not really.

11. Tennessee
Wins simply by the fact that they didn't get waxed as completely by the Dawgs.

12. Vanderbilt
I think those of us in the Robbie Caldwell contingent are going to be disappointed.