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Sprints Has a Word on Haiti and Then Many on Lane Kiffin // 01.14.10


Wondy Pierre-Louis' family affected by Haiti earthquake
To find out how you can help victims, go here and here.

The best thing Lane Kiffin has ever done for anybody
Natch -- someone else did it for him.

Burks said Wednesday that any customer who brings in an "It's Time" T-shirt can get 20 percent off the purchase of a new shirt. Burks said he'll ship the old shirts to Haiti, which was devastated by an earthquake on Tuesday.

There should be plenty of T-shirts headed to Haiti soon.


I'm not sure which one is my favorite
Rocky Top Talk summarizes some of the best lines of Mike Hamilton's press conference. A sample:

In response to a question on how he would describe Lane Kiffin's tenure at Tennessee, Mike Hamilton simply responded, "Brief."

In responding to reports of the near-riot on campus last night in response to the news, Hamilton, who was on his way back to town at the time, joked, "Heck, I might have been out there with them, had I been here."

More good stuff over there.

Another thing Al Davis was right about
Kiffin ending up clashing with the Tennessee basketball coaches -- though it didn't begin until after he left. Bruce Pearl:

It's just a very disappointing time, but I can promise you we're going to move on.

Pat Summitt:

You only want people who want to be here. I understand the ties (to USC) but why move your whole family here and leave? ...

I'm disappointed. With that (Southern Cal) job being open I'm not surprised but I am disappointed.

Summitt inadvertently makes a good point that's a bit different than the one she actually made: Given what we all knew about Kiffin's personality, why were any of us surprised that this happened?

He hates us
Doug has a thoughtful post (as usual), though a bit of a language warning for those who need one.

But in a larger sense, I feel like Kiffykins just hocked a loogie in the face of the entire SEC. ... Look, nobody is less inclined to say nice things about the UT football program than I am, but at the end of the day, even their most hated rivals have to admit that it's a program with a lot of wins, a lot of tradition, and a lot of pride to its credit. Did any of us ever think that a program like that would ever be used as the "fluffer" for a Pac-10 coaching job? And what would we think if it happened to our school?


Rocky Top Talk: Maybe Cutcliffe

David Cutcliffe is safe. David Cutcliffe is a guy who would make the majority of Tennessee fans nod their heads in agreement -- moreso than when Kiffin was hired.  David Cutcliffe can recruit because his middle name is Manning. We already know Cutcliffe can handle the x's and o's. And we already know David Cutcliffe is a Tennessee guy.

That last point might be the most important qualification at this point. Tennessee needs someone who understands the school and it's tradition -- and Boy Wonder was too dense to learn.

You can spell Rocky Top without Giggity
Houston Nutt is denying any contact with Tennessee.

"That’s so wrong," Nutt said, at least for his part of the equation. "I love what we have going on at Ole Miss."

But Jimmy Sexton would like Ole Miss to know that he can guarantee Nutt will stay in Oxford for another couple of years and a nice $500,000 raise.

Just talked with Pete Boone. He did meet with Nutt this afternoon as he expected he would. He said Nutt told him "there’s nothing going on with Tennessee."

Troy Calhoun: Non-denial denial No. 1
"I'm the coach at the Air Force Academy, and that's it," he said.

No Patterson talk
But he apparently has no buyout clause.

Muschamp (apparently) out
"I'm happy at Texas and plan to be here for a long time," Muschamp said through a school football spokesman.

Gruden out
He would apparently much rather stay on Monday Night Football and talk about FOOTBALL PLAYERS making FOOTBALL PLAYS. WOW WHOO DID YOU SEE THAT?!?

- - -

The Wiz has Kiffin's press conference.

That was fast
Lane Kiffin's staff might have committed its first recruiting violation -- before they even departed for Los Angeles.

However, there were also reports that Orgeron encouraged recruits who had signed up for spring semester courses at Tennessee not to attend their first classes this week.

NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osburn said rules stipulate that "An institution cannot contact a student-athlete enrolled at another institution without permission from the current school. A currently enrolled student-athlete who transfers must sit out a year before becoming eligible to compete. An enrolled student-athlete is one who is officially registered and enrolled in a minimum, full-time program of studies in any quarter or semester of an academic year, as certified by the registrar or admissions office, provided the student was present at the institution on the opening day of classes." ...

A father of one of the players said Wednesday that Orgeron had offered USC scholarships to some of the Volunteers recruits.

Kiffin goes the "implausible deniability" route.

"I don't know that that's accurate.... I don't believe that has happened," Kiffin said Wednesday evening, just after he was introduced as USC's new head football coach. "I've told (Tennessee Athletic Director) Mike Hamilton I will not recruit the players that go there unless they call me."

LOGOS AND COLORS!!! W00T!!!!!!!!!!

That's not all Coach O wanted to take to Southern Cal
I thought there was no one with more gall than Boy Wonder, but his right-hand man proved me wrong.

According to a source within UT's football department, Orgeron called to have some of his UT recruiting information sent to him and became irate when he was denied by UT's support staff.

Now why do you think they would want to hold onto that?

Good luck with that one
Kiffin to the Knoxville News-Sentinel:

But really this is the one place that I'd leave for, and I hope people understand that.

Dr. Saturday: He can easily be thrown under the bus
That's not the only reason Southern Cal hired Lane Kiffin, but one of them that Hinton suggests.


James Willis to Texas Tech
Tommy Tuberville gets the Alabama linebackers coach to come to Lubbock.

Warrant issued for Dustin Doe
This one doesn't count toward Urban Meyer's other record.