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SEC Power Poll Results for Week Four: Disagreement

Three teams lose and move down while another wins and moves down. Meanwhile, the challenge to Alabama continues to grow incrementally stronger

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports


1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 137 points (7 first-place votes)
2. LSU Tigers, 132 (3)
3. Georgia Bulldogs, 117
4. Texas A&M Aggies, 114
5. South Carolina Gamecocks, 100
6. Mississippi Rebels, 88
7. Florida Gators, 80.5
8. Missouri Tigers, 68.5
9. Auburn Tigers, 57
10. Vanderbilt Commodores, 44
11. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 42
12. Arkansas Razorbacks, 31
13. Tennessee Volunteers, 25
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 14

We have more defections from Alabama this week; while not all of them have voted every week, at least four of our blogs have now voted LSU into the top spot at least once this year. The Tigers will get their biggest test this weekend against the Bulldogs, who clock in at No. 3 on the poll this week once again. Curiously, the only unanimous team on the ballot is South Carolina, which everyone put at No. 5 this week.

Ole Miss widened its lead on Florida this week and Missouri jumped two places by beating Indiana. The loss by Auburn and moral loss by Vanderbilt, which each dropped one place, probably had something to do with that. Mississippi State moved up two spots -- also by jumping two teams which lost over the weekend.



The Tide have looked to be far from a complete team this year. After the offensive fireworks against Texas A&M, the O-line struggled again. 'Bama averaged a paltry 3.1 yards per rush and allowed two sacks against Colorado State, and the Tide were just 2-of-10 on converting third downs.--College and Magnolia

Alabama may not be flawless, but in a league that seems to be way down this year, they're only slightly down.--Red Cup Rebellion


Frankly Arkansas, if I could rank you 17th in the SEC behind Rutgers, chitlins, and a Flint River channel cat named Buford, I would. Karma's a witch.--Dawg Sports

I thought Arkansas matched up really well against Rutgers since Rutgers isn't very fast. Then Arkansas averaged 3.0 ypc.--Red Cup Rebellion


Honestly can't figure out if their passing game is bad because of their line play or their....HEY, Marshall just threw another INT.--Georgia Sports Blog

Good OL, thin but serviceable receivers, a defense that is actively trying, and a project at QB. These are steps in the right direction for a .500-type team.--Roll Bama Roll


That was like watching two blind men fight to the death with nothing but toothpicks and paper towels. If one of the blind men had the best defense in his division.--Dawg Sports

It wasn't pretty, but has it been at any point this season for the Gators? The defense is one of three or four--and I'm hesitant to use this word--"elite" units in the game, forcing SIX Tennessee turnovers. The big news was Jeff Driskel is out for the season. I wish him all the best in his baseball career.--Arkansas Fight


Looked like a team coming off a bye week and looking ahead to LSU. The Bulldogs are only one more special teams gaffe away from getting a free one on their "Botched Snaps N Stuff" shopper card.--Dawg Sports

If Alabama is frustrating, imagine being a Dawgs fan: Ugly, ugly defensive lapses from the first snap of the season till the present. Will need an A+ effort to escape at home v. LSU.--Roll Bama Roll


Is still Kentucky.--Rocky Top Talk

Florida, South Carolina and Alabama for the next three weeks.  This is not going to end well.--Get the Picture


LSU with an offense is a threat to win the SEC.--Rocky Top Talk

Which LSU team shows up in big games? The team that trounced Auburn in the first half, or the team that looked lifeless in the second?--Red Cup Rebellion


While the defense has been suspect against second-rate competition, the offense has performed up to expectations. Missouri has one more non-conference game before opening SEC play against Vanderbilt in Nashville.--Arkansas Fight

Third straight win, 628 yards against a Big Ten opponent that had averaged 50 points per game.  The Tigers should be 4-0 in September before facing SEC competition.  They may be 4-4 by the end of October.--Get the Picture


Off this week, the Black Bears get a trip to Tuscaloosa to play in what many media experts were calling a trap game for the Crimson tide on Saturday. After the past few games bet that the Tide come to play.--Arkansas Fight

Not a lot of people thought Ole Miss would be 3-0. Almost no one thought the Rebs would get to 4-0. Win this weekend at Alabama, and Hugh Freeze's team has to be considered as a contender.--College and Magnolia


Probably the class of the Sun Belt.--Dawg Sports

Just when it looks like Mississippi State may have figured out what to do offensively, they host LSU.--Red Cup Rebellion


Why are the Gamecocks traveling to Central Florida for a game?--Get the Picture

Interesting game at UCF will tell us how South Carolina handles decent teams. No, UNC, you do not count.--Roll Bama Roll


In a surprise move, Butch Jones will start one of the Clausens at QB this week.--Georgia Sports Blog

Glass half-empty or half-full time, Vols:  You knock Driskel out of the game and still lose by two touchdowns.  Or, you turn the ball over six times in the Swamp and only lose by two touchdowns!--Get the Picture


As long as the Aggies don't have to hit an extra point to win at the gun, I think they're good.--Dawg Sports

It's pretty clear that A&M is going to give up a bunch of yards and points in most games this year, but the offense will outscore opponents. That strategy worked for Auburn in 2010, and if the Aggies can avoid another loss, it may work for them, too.--College and Magnolia


Didn't lose to Rutgers, and you can never take that away from them.--Dawg Sports

That was UMass and not the Patriots, right?--Rocky Top Talk