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SEC Power Poll Results After Week 6: Boredom

Not much change at the top of the ballot seems imminent, but there are a few teams at the bottom shifting positions as the season comes into focus

Kevin C. Cox


1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 168 points (12 first-place votes)
2. Georgia Bulldogs, 153
3. LSU Tigers, 142
4. Texas A&M Aggies, 135
5. Florida Gators, 118
6. South Carolina Gamecocks, 109
7. Missouri Tigers, 98
8. Auburn Tigers, 84
9. Mississippi Rebels, 70
10. Tennessee Volunteers, 53
11. Vanderbilt Commodores, 45
12. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 38
13. Arkansas Razorbacks, 34
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 13

We're in a part of the schedule now where some of the games might be exciting, but barring a major upset, there's not going to be a ton of movement at the top of the poll. The first four spots remain the same, with the first change being Florida getting the No. 5 spot after stomping Arkansas while South Carolina failed to impress with a narrow win against Kentucky.

Elsewhere, Missouri and Auburn passed Ole Miss after the, um, Orange and Blue Tigers beat the Rebels over the weekend. Tennessee jumped three spots, helped by its close loss to Georgia and less-close losses by Vanderbilt, Mississippi State and Arkansas. And Kentucky got all but one of the last-place votes even with its late-game heroics against the Gamecocks.



It's always impressive to see how many Tide fans show up to watch a scrimmage ... wait, that was a real game?--Get the Picture

Nothing to from this shameful game other than AJ McCarron can pass very effectively against a stiff breeze.--Roll Bama Roll


All of the good Razorback fans thought they were building on after a respectful, yet losing, performance to the Aggies a week ago, is seemingly gone after a dreadful performance in The Swamp where nothing outside of the first quarter went right.--Arkansas Fight

Will likely head to Baton Rouge at the end of the season needing a win to go to Shreveport.--Georgia Sports Blog


With their fourth win in five games, the Tigers have already won once more than they did all of last season.--Get the Picture

Auburn didn't break 100 yards passing against Ole Miss, because they didn't need to in order to win.--Red Cup Rebellion


Taking a page from the Les Miles playbook of winning with a great defense and a barely competent offense.--And the Valley Shook

Lookie, lookie -- Florida has a quarterback, and subsequently a functional offense that can score three or four times a game -- yes, touchdowns, too. Throw in one of the nation's best defenses, and LSU is on upset notice.--Roll Bama Roll


Georgia has not disappointed the national audience this season, shorting no one of more late-game drama than any Bulldog fan wants to see. Aaron Murray is playing as well as any SEC quarterback, especially considering he is down his top three receivers and top two running backs.--Arkansas Fight

Ole meme: Who needs defense? New meme: We need defense.--Georgia Sports Blog


The big knock on the SEC is that the bottom tier is lousy. But if Kentucky is the worst team in the SEC, the conference is doing pretty good. They aren't that good, but they aren't embarrassing or anything.--And the Valley Shook

A 21-point fourth quarter makes the bottom line a little easier on the eyes. A closer look at the box score, however, does not.--Arkansas Fight


The national championship contender seemingly nobody is talking about.--Red Cup Rebellion

Has Les Miles ever produced an offense this good?--A Sea of Blue


Maybe it takes more than one great recruiting class to become an upper-tier team.--Get the Picture

We can check off "Ole Miss exposed as overrated in the preseason" on our SEC bingo cards.--And the Valley Shook


Ran out of steam, ran out of depth, and then got it ran up in the 4th. Still, the game was a lot closer than the final score. Mistakes are to be expected with a young starting QB, but unforced errors gave it away.--Roll Bama Roll

LSU loss looks a lot closer on paper.  LSU's defense isn't exactly the 2 miles of land mines and barbed wire fence it was a couple of years ago.--A Sea of Blue


James Franklin is healthy, and that is not good news for the SEC's middle class, which is about where the Tigers are. The schedule has been a bit better than appeared at first blush, and MU absolutely mauled Vandy at the point of attack. UGA may be a fun shootout.--Roll Bama Roll

Congrats, Mizzou. You are officially a member of the SEC now that you've learned "Yeah, but it's just Vandy."--Georgia Sports Blog


The 'Cocks have entered into a disturbing pattern of losing interest in the second half of their games.--Get the Picture

The Quit-for-Clowney meme is alive and well -- thanks to Clowney himself. Efforts against UK and UCF show that this team is resilient enough to win 9-10 games, but it won't be aesthetically pleasing at all. Shaw is criminally underrated.--Roll Bama Roll


The Vols proved they can play with any team in the country missing its top three receivers and top two running backs.--Get the Picture

Played a terrific game against Georgia, only to lose in the most agonizing way possible. So, a pretty normal week for Vol fans.--And the Valley Shook


There are three SEC teams that have played one more game and given up less yardage than the Aggies' defense.--Get the Picture

The West's version of UGA, but with fewer playmakers (at the moment).--Georgia Sports Blog


James Franklin better turn things around or he's not gonna get a call from the Longhorns.--And the Valley Shook

Seems like they're returning to historical form.--A Sea of Blue