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Arkansas debuts new jerseys for upcoming 2019 season

These are both beautiful and remind fans of a particularly good era of Razorback football.

Arkansas v LSU Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

On Tuesday, the Arkansas Razorbacks showed off some goods. The goods in this case were some new jerseys that they are going to presumably be wearing in the upcoming 2019 season.

And they - are - fire.

If these look familiar, well, they probably should. I’m guessing that that’s the intention. Arkansas wore jerseys similar to these for a rather long period of time. The thought that came to mind for me instantly was the Darren McFadden era of Arkansas football.

Getty Images

And... speaking of which, DMC seems to enjoy the jerseys, if this tweet is any indication:

It hasn’t been said yet when they’ll be showcasing these jerseys, although it wouldn’t disappoint me (or presumably many others) if they just wore them for every single home game this year. To me, that sounds like a tremendous idea. But I am just a man writing this article on a keyboard behind a computer screen. So what does my take really matter?