DISH Announces Streaming-Only ESPN Plan


DISH has just announced a new streaming package that includes ESPN and ESPN2 among a handful of other channels from other networks that will cost $20 per month. We'll see how the execution goes, but this is the first legal way to get the big four-letter without a traditional cable or satellite subscription. ESPN has an ESPN Player streaming-only plan of its own, but it's only available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Florida Hires Doug Nussmeier as OC


McElwain's hand-picked successor at Alabama is coming to Gainesville according to reports.

Watch Part of Kyle Field Implode


They're tearing it down to build it back up.

Big 12 Officials Will Call National Championship Game


It's true that the Big 12 is the one Power 5 conference without a team in the semifinals, so it's a natural pick. Still: it won't be an SEC or Pac-12 crew doing the game, so that's very good news.

Orange Bowl Will Allow Cowbells


It's an issue anywhere Mississippi State goes: cowbells. The Orange Bowl will allow them, which is good news for the Bulldog faithful.

People Really Care About Johnny Manziel


Johnny Football is still a hot topic, even as he toils away in Cleveland.

Listen to Year2 on a Podcast


I helped record the Split End Podcast this week with Josh Webb, Matt Zemek, and Allen Kenney. We talk about FSU possibly getting punished by voters, the Big 12 and standardization of college football, the consequences of the Playoff's rotating semifinal games, and TV's impact on the game now and in the future.

SEC Coaches' Awards for 2014 Season Announced


There are no real surprises here -- for example, Amari Cooper is the Offensive Player of the Year (well, duh). One of the few contests that could have gone more than one way was Coach of the Year, which went to Gary Pinkel. That's probably the right choice. Whatever you might think of Missouri's improbable SEC East title, it was a heck of a coaching job to get the Tigers to Atlanta for the second straight year.

Tennessee Announces Extension for Butch Jones


There was some speculation out there that Michigan native and former Central Michigan head coach Butch Jones would be in the running for the Michigan Wolverines' opening. Not anymore, if he ever was.