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NCAA Baseball Tournament: Mississippi State 11, Virginia 6 -- That Was Easy

On a day when other SEC teams were struggling to find their footing in the super regionals, Mississippi State essentially coasted. The Bulldogs are now in a great position to get to Omaha


On a day when SEC teams were losing their Super Regional openers, Mississippi State took the opposite tack: They relatively easily and thoroughly defeated a very good Virginia team. The Bulldogs cranked out 20 hits and took advantage of four errors and three walks in an 11-6 win.

The Bulldogs scored in every inning except the second, seventh and ninth. After regaining the lead with a two-run third inning, Mississippi State never again trailed or even found themselves in a tie. And in something of a change, State relied on just two pitchers -- Kendall Graveman and Ross Mitchell (of course) -- to get the win, giving the rest of the staff plenty of time to rest to prepare for the next one or two games.

All of which backs up the notion that it could be a good weekend for the Bulldogs. We got a reminder on Saturday of just how important it is to take the first game, particularly for the road team.

That doesn't mean that Mississippi State is a sure thing. But it does mean that the Bulldogs go into Sunday with a better chance than a lot of other teams. Vanderbilt and South Carolina would gladly trade places with them.