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NCAA Baseball Tournament: Oregon State 6, Texas A&M 1 -- The Aggies Go Home, But So Far So Good

What happened Sunday night in the final regional game might have been disappointing, but the Aggies had a pretty good first season in the SEC


All in all, it wasn't a bad debut season in the SEC for Texas A&M. A 34-29 record, with the final loss coming in the regional final after you were seen as a bubble team, is perfectly respectable. Going 13-16 in the conference during the regular season isn't too bad, especially if you throw in the 2-2 record in Hoover that included an upset of Vanderbilt.

But it all crashed and burned Sunday night in the final game of the Corvallis Regional. The pitching staff held up against Oregon State until the seventh inning, keeping the game at a 1-1 tie, then allowed two runs in that frame and three more in the ninth. That was more than enough to beat a Texas A&M team with cold bats; the Aggies managed just four hits, while striking out 10 times.

Of course, the football program set a very high bar for A&M teams during their first year in the SEC. Using more reasonable expectations as a guideline, though, having the season that TAMU's baseball team had after changing leagues and facing entirely new opponents on the conference slate was fairly impressive. It will take more to be impressive in the future, but the success of 2013 shouldn't be marred by a bad night in Corvallis.