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NCAA Baseball Tournament: William & Mary 4, Ole Miss 1 -- The Tribe of Too Much

Ole Miss' lackluster offense finally catches up with the Rebels, who end their season with a loss to William & Mary


In the end, William & Mary was just too much for Ole Miss. It wasn't Binghamton that caused the Rebels problems, as Ole Miss drummed the Bearcats out of the Raleigh Regional with relative ease. And it wasn't regional host N.C. State, a team that the Rebels never met, that sent Ole Miss home.

Instead, a pair of losses to William & Mary did the trick, as Ole Miss struggled to score against the Tribe. The Rebels managed just three runs in their two games against W&M, while William & Mary put up four in each game. BBCOR or not, you have to do better than that to win an NCAA regional.

It closes out a terribly timed cold streak for Ole Miss, which ended the season losing eight of their last 11. Despite all that, they could have weathered it and ended up in the regional finals -- if they just didn't have to face William & Mary.