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NCAA Baseball Tournament: Vanderbilt 10, Illinois 4 -- The Commodores Might Be Their Only Enemy

Vanderbilt rakes its way to a win against Illinois despite a few mistakes; one win stands between the Commodores and the super regionals

Mike Ehrmann

Make no mistake: This won't get as much attention as the shellacking South Carolina dished out to Liberty on Saturday night, but the 10-4 victory for Vanderbilt in this one was about as convincing as it looked. The Commodores had 17 hits, including four doubles and a triple. And while the Illini managed to put together a lead in the third and fourth innings, that lead ended for good when Vanderbilt knocked in three runs in the top of the fifth.

Indeed, Vanderbilt's pitchers only gave up five hits all game. They caused a lot of their own problems by handing out seven walks, but that just further proves that the most formidable foe that Vanderbilt faced Saturday night was themselves.

Which brings us to Vanderbilt's next challenge: The Commodores need just one more win to make sure Nashville hosts one of the eight super regionals that will decide who goes to Omaha. That means they will need to defeat the winner of Illinois and Georgia Tech's game Sunday afternoon. As long as Vanderbilt stays out of its own way, it should be favored to take care of that much.