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David Perno 'Resigns' as Head Baseball Coach at Georgia. By Which We Mean Perno was Fired

There's no real surprise in the announcement that Perno will no longer lead Georgia after the downward slump his program had taken

In the least surprising dismissal of a head coach since the college football season ended, Georgia baseball coach David Perno has "resigned" as head coach of Bulldogs. And by "resigned," we mean:

Perno said Ted White, UGA’s athletic administrator for baseball, called Sunday evening to inform him that McGarity wanted to meet Monday morning. But Perno asked to meet immediately and the three men convened at White’s office in the Rankin Smith Center at 7 p.m. Sunday. That’s when McGarity delivered the news.

"His mind was made up," said Perno, who finished with 399-334 career record at Georgia, 160-189-1 in SEC play. "Unfortunately, I left an opening. I gave him an excuse."

Of course, one does not generally find out one has resigned from one's boss, unless that resignation is of the face-saving semantics kind. So McGarity dropped the ax.

And there's no real question as to why. Perno has shown pretty steadily diminishing returns since the Dawgs' run to the College World Series championship series -- which they lost to Fresno State -- in 2008. Georgia's only returned to the NCAA tournament twice in the five seasons since, the 2010 season was an unmitigated disaster, and this year UGA couldn't even make a 12-team SEC tournament field in a 14-team conference.

During his time at the helm in Athens, Perno was 162-190-1 in SEC play and 390-335-1 overall. He did have some shining moments as Georgia head coach, but in the end he had too few.