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SEC Baseball: What We Learned on Friday

After the latest results of the weekend, we know a handful of things about SEC baseball that we didn't know before Friday. There are still a few things to figure out, though

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Three things we now know

Missouri is going to Hoover. The race for the No. 12 spot is over. The Tigers secured their spot in the SEC tournament by keeping Kentucky off the board for eight innings -- the exception being a three-run third -- and rallying late for the 4-3 win. That made Tennessee's loss to Texas A&M academic, at least as far as who's going to the tournament. The Aggies cranked out 10 hits and scored six runs between the eighth and ninth inning to get past the Vols.

Arkansas will be No. 3 at Hoover. The Razorbacks went into Friday knowing that they'll have a first-round bye in Hoover. The only question was whether Arkansas would be No. 3 or No. 4. The Hogs took the higher seed in a 1-0 win during a pitchers' duel at Auburn. At this point, Arkansas takes the field Saturday just looking for help in the seeding, though if the top RPI imitator is to be believed, there's only so much they can do.

South Carolina will get the other first-round bye. That comes courtesy of Grayson Greiner's two-run home run in the 10th inning to put away Mississippi State and keep the Gamecocks' faint hopes for a national seed alive. With Vanderbilt and LSU having long ago locked up the top two spots in the tournament, we know all four teams that are going to get some extra rest before playing in Hoover.

Two things we don't know

Where just about everybody else will end up. I'll let Matthew Stevens explain a little bit on this one.

Got that? Mississippi State is one of the keys in this. If they win, the Bulldogs will claim the No. 5 spot. If they lose, we're going into Pandora's Box territory. Unless I'm looking at something wrong, anyone from Bama to Ole Miss could also end up with the No. 5 seed. Missouri and Kentucky's game will be the battle for the No. 11 seed in a 12-team tournament, but it's something.

Whether Vanderbilt will make history. The Commodores are one win away from setting a new SEC season record for conference wins. Again, Vanderbilt doesn't have too much to play for here -- they have the No. 1 spot in Hoover and are a lock for a national seed in the NCAAs -- but the symbolic mark could give them some motivation.

Today's games

Texas A&M at Tennessee, 1 p.m. ET; Ole Miss at LSU, 1 p.m. ET; Alabama at Vanderbilt, 2 p.m. ET; Arkansas at Auburn, 2 p.m. ET; Florida at Georgia, 2 p.m. ET; Kentucky at Missouri, 2 p.m. ET; South Carolina at Mississippi State, 3 p.m. ET

TV / Radio

The Texas A&M-Tennessee clash is on FSN or ESPN3; Ole Miss and LSU play on CBS Sports Network; Arkansas at Auburn is on CST