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Watch: Former SEC track star turned WWE superstar Bianca Belair runs circles around others

The former runner at Tennessee still has it, y’all.

A former track star at The University of Tennessee still has it in her.

Bianca Belair, a WWE Raw superstar (whom we’ve written about before here on Team Speed Kills) was featured on last night’s telecast of Monday Night Raw on the USA Network in a fun vignette. The vignette, perhaps in the same breath of the old Mr. Perfect vignettes, showcased Belair’s track and field background.

Belair, who starred at the University of Tennessee as an All-SEC runner and an All-American selection as well, took off against three other unknown runners and left them in the dust. She even showcased her hurdling abilities as well. In the words of the great Warner Wolf, let’s go to the videotape!

Truly, the fast-EST runner in all of WWE.

You can catch Belair each week, likely in these same style of vignettes, on WWE Monday Night Raw at 8 p.m. ET every Monday on the USA Network.