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No. 1 Clemson Dominates No. 12 Aggies in Death Valley, 24-10

Mond, Aggies under-preform on the road

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

The Aggies came into Death Valley facing their toughest challenge of the season. They got rolled on both sides of the ball.

In the first half, The Aggies looked completely out of sync. Kellen Mond overthrew Quartney Davis and Camron Buckley. Although Clemson missed the field goal, Braden Mann punted the ball twice in the first half and fumbled the ball. Kellen Mond just failed to get it going in the first half. It looked so bad, even Dez Bryant tweeted about Mond looking scared. On the brightside, the defense was fairly solid in the first half, only giving up 10 points. But man, that secondary was lit up by Trevor Lawrence. Some plays were tight coverage and the ball was thrown perfect, other times Leon O’Neal was just out of place on some pass plays and got Mossed by Justyn Ross early in the first half.

The second half did no fair better for Kellen Mond. Mod was picked off in the redzone late in the second half and the running attack led by Jashaun Corbin never really got going. By the end of the game, the Aggies had drive of 50 yards or more twice. Some of it came from Mond missing throws he normally makes, and the Clemson defense just having really good play calls. The defense still held well on the ground. They limited Travis Etienne to 53 yards rushing total. However, they let up 2 rushing TDs and one through the air. The defense did pick off Trevor Lawrence, but that was after Ross and Tee Higgins had already made a handful of spectacular catches.

Kellen Mond played horribly. He went 24-42 with 236 yards through the air with one touchdown and one interception. Mond also carried the ball 5 times for only one yard. JaShaun Corbin and Isaiah Spiller rushed for 58 yards combined. Kendrick Rogers, Quartney Davis and Jhamon Ausbon all or were close to 60 yards receiving with no touchdowns. The offense turned the ball over twice, both by Kellen Mond.

The defense held up well, containing Travis Etienne, but failed to stop the receivers from eating up large chunks. Trevor Lawrence went 24-35, 268 yards through the air with one touchdown and one interception. Lyn-J Dixon and Trevor Lawrence had the 2 rushing TDs for Clemson. Justyn Ross had 7 catches for 94 yards and one TD. As a defense, A&M needs to register more sacks, only having 2 against Clemson today.

Next week, the Aggies host the Lamar University Cardinals at Kyle Field.