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SEC Softball Saturday Recap

Conference play marches on, while Alabama continues to flex their muscles in paradise.

Kentucky 9, Mississippi State 8

The Kentucky Wildcats pulls off the win against the Mississippi State Bulldogs in the sixth inning, scoring three runs to take a lead they wouldn’t relinquish. Fa Leilua led the Bulldogs offensively, with her 13th homer of the season along with a double and three RBIs. Carter Spexarth also contributed with her second homer of the season and four RBIs.

Abbey Cheeks and Kelsey Henson led the Wildcats with the bats. Cheeks popped her sixth bomb of the season while Henson hit her second homer and had two RBIs to lead Kentucky to victory. The Bulldogs’ Grace Fagan took the L in the pitching circle. She allowed the one hit, one run and struck out one. Meghan Schorman pitched four innings, allowing one hit, two runs, walking one, and striking out three for the Wildcats win.

Arkansas 7, South Carolina 4

After being scoreless for five innings, Arkansas found their swing for the ultimate comeback win, scoring seven runs in the sixth inning. Alyssa Kumiyama and Mackenzie Boesel led the Gamecocks offensively. Kumiyama recorded a double and two RBI. Boesel, meanwhile, hit her fifth homer of the season and had one RBI.

Ashley Diaz gave the Razorbacks a winning boost when she hit a grand slam in the sixth inning. Aly Manzo put the cherry on top with hitting her first bomb of the season to add another run to the score. Autumn Storms was the winning pitcher. She pitched 4.2 innings, allowed two hits and struck out three. Dixie Raley took the L in the pitching circle allowing three runs and one hit.

Tennessee 5, BYU 1

The Volunteers came out of the gate swinging in the first inning and held BYU down to take the win. Haley Bearden led the Vols with a homer and two RBIs. Ashley Rogers took the W in the pitching circle. Rogers allowed three hits, one run, and struck out eleven batters in the victory.

Mizzou 7, Georgia 3

The Missouri Tigers belted out a win against the Georgia Bulldogs by four runs. Lacey Fincher and Mahlena O’Neal both led the Bulldogs with their bats in the loss. Fincher homered and had one RBI. O’Neal homered, as well, with two RBIs. Brooke Wilmes had three doubles with two RBIs and Kimberly Wert hit her seventh homer of the season and had two RBIs in the victory for Missouri. Cassie Gasper pitched a complete game for the win, allowing four hits, three runs, walked one, and struck out two.

Ole Miss 8, Oklahoma State 4

The Ole Miss Rebels scored an upset win over 14th-ranked Oklahoma State. The Rebs churned out an 8-4 victory, but it wasn’t an easy task. The Pokes scored four runs off pitcher Molly Jacobsen in the first inning. From there, they had work to do, and they accomplished the feat. It started with a three-run second inning, highlighted by a two-RBI double by Brittany Finney. Kylan Becker drove the third run in, but the Rebels weren’t done. Two innings later, Abbey Lantham laced a go-ahead two-RBI double that gave Ole Miss a 5-4 lead. In the next inning, Ole Miss broke the game inning. After two quick outs, the Rebels scraped together a great sequence. The bases were loaded for Becker, and she reached base after an error in the Poke outfield. All three runs came around to score to make it 8-4, and that’s all that Jacobsen would need to take down the Pokes.

Auburn 8, Texas A&M 1

The Auburn Tigers beat down the Texas A&M Aggies in an 8-1 result on Saturday. Kendall Veach put the first two runs on the board for Auburn with a homer in the second inning, which had followed up a solo shot by Blake-Ann Fritsch in the first. Two innings later, things unraveled for Aggie pitcher Payton McBride. The Tigers scored six runs in the inning off a double, a single, a fielder’s choice, a wild pitch, a sacrifice groundout and then another single. Auburn wound up batting around in the inning to make matters worse, and from there would hold down the Aggies enough to get themselves a win.

Florida 4, LSU 3

The Florida Gators won the first game of their three-game set with the LSU Tigers in dramatic fashion. LSU held a 1-0 edge going into the top of the 7th inning after an Amber Serrett double in the bottom of the 5th. That set the stage for some pretty enthralling dramatics. With two outs in the 7th inning, LSU decided to intentionally walk Amanda Lorenz. With Jaimie Hoover, Jade Caraway and Lorenz on base, the Tigers pitched to Kendyl Lindaman. All that Lindaman did was smack a grand slam to give Florida the 4-1 edge. The Tigers were able to scrap together two runs on a homer by the aforementioned Serrett, but could not close the gap from there. Kelly Barnhill shut the rest of the batters down in order after that to give UF a thrilling come-from-behind victory.

Alabama 6, Hawaii 2

We are through March 16, and the Alabama Crimson Tide are still undefeated. The Tide rolled 6-2 over Hawaii in the next leg of the Rainbow Wahine Classic and improved to 31-0 on the year in the process. They were aided by the efforts of Sarah Cornell, who pitched a complete game and fanned seven Hawaii batters. Small ball got them the win as they had no extra base hits in the victory. Bailey Hemphill drove in her 43rd and 44th RBI of the season, which leads the team by a comfortable margin.