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On Deck for SEC Softball: February 17

Weekend action concludes today.

Let’s break down the big news of the day that happened on Saturday first here.

In the 23 games played on Saturday, the SEC went 18-5. The five losses were tagged to Ole Miss, Auburn, Tennessee, LSU and Kentucky. The Rebels couldn’t defeat top-ranked UCLA, falling 4-0. The Vols beat Utah 10-1, but fell to James Madison by the score of 6-2.

LSU couldn’t defeat Florida State, losing 9-1, and finally, Kentucky was cut down by Texas 4-3. LSU was able to score a 7-2 victory over Ohio State. Meanwhile, Kentucky avenged that defeat to Texas with a blowout win over Oregon, conquering the Ducks 12-3.

Scoring a big win on Saturday was the Alabama Crimson Tide. The 8th-ranked Tide defeated the 9th-ranked Arizona Wildcats 6-1. UofA committed four errors in the game an the Tide were able to take advantage in a big way. Montana Fouts pitched a complete game and fanned eight batters while walking none.

Alyssa DiCarlo helped lead Georgia to a massive 16-0 win over Omaha. DiCarlo belted her EIGHTH home run of the season, this after cracking two dingers in a blowout 11-0 win over Winthrop earlier in the day. It’s safe to say that the Georgia shortstop is playing up to the caliber that many have pegged her for this season.


Kansas vs. Mizzou (9 a.m.)
Florida vs. Central Michigan (11 a.m.)
Ole Miss vs. Boise State (Noon)
Furman vs. Auburn (12:30 p.m.)
St. John’s vs. South Carolina (12:30 p.m.)
Kentucky vs. James Madison (1 p.m., ESPN3)
McNeese vs. Texas A&M (1:15 p.m.)
UIC vs. Alabama (1:15 p.m.)
UAB vs. Auburn (3 p.m.)
Tennessee vs. Florida State (7 p.m., ESPN2)