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On Deck for SEC Softball: February 16

A busy Friday gives way to a busy Saturday.

Scott Clause/USA TODAY Network

We had quite the busy day on Friday, didn’t we!?

Here is how each team who saw the field played:

Alabama: 2-0 (2-0 W vs. USF, 1-0 W vs. New Mexico)
Arkansas: 1-0 (11-0 W vs. Northern Colorado)
Florida: 2-0 (2-1 W vs. Illinois State, 7-2 W vs. Arizona State)
Georgia: 2-0 (11-0 W vs. Winthrop, 8-3 W vs. Omaha)
Kentucky: 2-0 (8-0 W vs. Hofstra, 13-2 W vs. Utah)
LSU: 1-1 (8-5 L vs. Oregon, 7-1 W vs. Texas)
Mississippi State: 1-0 (8-5 W vs. Sacramento State)
Ole Miss: 2-0 (11-3 W vs. UC Riverside, 5-2 W vs. Cal Poly)
Mizzou: 2-0 (6-0 W vs. Troy, 7-0 W vs. Villanova)
South Carolina: 2-0 (11-3 vs. UNC Greensboro, 4-2 W vs. Ohio)
Tennessee: 2-0 (8-0 W vs. Notre Dame, 4-2 W vs. Minnesota)
Texas A&M: 1-1 (4-2 L vs. Liberty, 2-1 W vs. McNeese)

The only team from the SEC not to take the field were the Auburn Tigers, whose game against Furman was rained out and will be scheduled for Saturday. Apart from that, it was a wildly successful day for the conference’s representatives. Only two losses were suffered all day and everyone that took the field won at least one game, with eight teams going 2-0.

Tennessee picked up big wins over Notre Dame and Minnesota, two ranked teams depending on what polls you look at. Kentucky steamrolled both Hofstra and Utah, outscoring them 21-2 with a shutout of the Pride. Florida took out a ranked Arizona State squad, scoring seven runs on the. LSU rebounded from a loss to the Ducks with an impressive six-run win over Texas.

LSU’s Shelbi Sunseri stole the show on Saturday as she blasted her sixth home run of the season against Oregon. Susneri is setting the pace in a big way this season in the long ball department and she may just be getting started on what could be a huge year down in the Bayou.

We’ll break this down like we did yesterday. Here are the matchups you can se on TV or online. All times ET.

Kentucky vs. Texas (10 a.m., SEC Network)
LSU vs. Florida State (1 p.m., ESPN3)
Liberty vs. Texas A&M (1:15 p.m., SEC Network+)
Oregon vs. Kentucky (4 p.m., ESPNU)
James Madison vs. Tennessee (4 p.m., ESPN3)
Rutgers vs. Texas A&M (4 p.m., SEC Network+)

Here are the other matchups that feature ranked teams.

Ohio State vs. LSU (10 a.m.)
Winthrop vs. Georgia (11:30 a.m.)
San Diego vs. Florida (1:30 p.m.)
Omaha vs. Georgia (2 p.m.)
Drake vs. Auburn (3 p.m.)
Alabama vs. Cal State Fullerton (3 p.m.)
Campbell vs. South Carolina (4 p.m.)
Arkansas vs. Sacramento State (4 p.m.)
Texas Tech vs. Auburn (5:30 p.m.)
Alabama vs. Arizona (5:45 p.m.)
Utah State vs. Florida (6:30 p.m.)
Tennessee vs. Utah (7 p.m.)
Ole Miss vs. UCLA (7:30 p.m.)

And now, all the rest!

UMass vs. Mizzou (11 a.m.)
UCF vs. Mississippi State (1:30 p.m.)
Mizzou vs. Iowa (1:30 p.m.)
Oregon State vs. Ole Miss (5 p.m.)

There are quite a few matchups that stick out. LSU-FSU could be a barnburner as it features the No. 7 and No. 2 teams in the country. The same can be said about Alabama and Arizona later on, as that matchup pits the 8th-ranked Crimson Tide against the 9th-ranked Wildcats.

Ole Miss, meanwhile, will be taking aim at the top-ranked UCLA Bruins in the final game of the day. Elsewhere, a couple Top 25 matchups are going down, as Kentucky-Texas, OSU-LSU, Oregon-Kentucky and James Madison-Tennessee are all on the docket.

It should be yet another exciting day on the softball field, folks.