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Alabama basketball conducts internal review, men’s basketball administrator resigns

Tuesday’s news of a large-scale FBI investigation into the world of college basketball led to Alabama conducting an internal review. In the wake of that review, one administrator has resigned.

SEC Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Tuesday’s news of a two-year FBI investigation into the world of college basketball took the sport by storm. The Auburn Tigers were put in the crosshairs after criminal complaints were filed against assistant coach Chuck Person. Now we know they aren’t the only school in their state that may come under fire.

The Alabama Crimson Tide announced Wednesday night that they launched an “internal review” into their program. That review subsequently led to a men’s basketball administrator, Kobie Baker, to resign from his post.

It should be noted that AD Greg Byrne’s statement indicates that their review did not come up with any NCAA violations or any violations for the conference, either. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t happen down the road. But for now, this is where we’re at in Tuscaloosa.

The situation is increasing in severity, though. Aaron Suttles of also reports that the head coaches of the conference have been asked to go down to the league’s office in Birmingham.

We will, of course, stay on top of things as much as we can here.