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Hello There

In which I introduce myself and my neuroses

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Florida vs Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Hi everybody. My name is Seth, and the editors here at TSK have invited me to be a contributor to the site. I’m very much looking forward to spending the upcoming football (and basketball and baseball, et cetera) season with you all. So first, a bit about myself.

I went to one SEC east school for undergrad, and am currently finishing up a doctorate at another one. In between, I stopped off at possibly the worst football school in the Big 10 (though I understand that title is hotly contested) for a master’s degree. When I’m not reading and writing about whatever boring nonsense constitutes a Ph.D. student’s work, I’m reading and writing about sports, and mostly football. My dream is, in spite of the fact that I have never played at any level and become winded during a vigorous round of NCAA 98, to become a football coach. I will introduce a pioneering two-quarterback offense that will be hilarious. So basically, Mike Leach minus the pirates and UFOs.

As for my fandom, I am first and foremost a UGA fan, with a secondary rooting interest in Vanderbilt. (I’m also a Falcons fan, which gives you a pretty clear picture of exactly how happy my house is during the fall and winter months). More generally, I’m pro-SEC all around. So I’m looking forward to hanging around here, and hopefully you’ll enjoy my weird jokes.