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Ole Miss issues response to NCAA notice of allegations

The Rebels athletic department dropped a 124-page document in response to NCAA allegations.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Ole Miss Rebels-NCAA saga continues on.

On Monday, in response to an NCAA notice of allegations, the Rebels athletic department issued their formal response in the form of a 124-page document.

The gist of the document appears to be that the Rebels are not backing down, whatsoever. Neither is the NCAA, either, so what we are looking at her is one school in the crosshairs, and that school not doing anything to budge themselves from that position.

What’s more is that they appear to be fully behind head coach Hugh Freeze based on what is entailed. In fact, a passage from that document indicates that they believe Freeze followed proper protocol:

With the assistance of the University’s compliance personnel, head football coach Hugh Freeze has taken proactive measures to educate and train his staff on NCAA legislation and implemented strong monitoring processes to ensure compliance with those rules. When issues arose, Freeze asked the right questions of his staff and followed up appropriately. The University believes that these efforts exceed the minimum requirements for head coaches described in Bylaw and rebut the applicable presumption of responsibility.

Steven Godfrey of SB Nation does a good job of explaining what might come next here. We at Team Speed Kills will have further analysis of this situation coming soon.