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Georgia QB Jake Fromm sings "Body Like a Back Road" with a little help from his family

Fill your offseason with song.

@FrommJake on Twitter

With the college football season still months away, football fans across the South are itching to see their teams get back on the gridiron. In the meantime, we have cookouts, holidays, sunbathing, spring games, and really any other warm-weather activity we can think of to fill our time.

While waiting through the offseason might typically be thought of as mindless drudgery, it can often bring with it some fun moments. Such a moment came this Friday night as Georgia’s freshman quarterback Jake Fromm posted a video of himself singing Sam Hunt’s “Body Like a Back Road”. However, this was not a solo performance, as Fromm had some accompaniment from his parents.

All three of individuals get really into the performance, even if they—as Fromm readily admits—don’t quite have sterling singing voices.

Now, much has been made of Georgia’s quarterback battle going into next season. If Kirby Smart needs some sort of tiebreaker, I’m going to suggest some sort of American Idol-esque competition that will be held on SEC Network. I will humbly accept any and all royalties for coming up with the idea.