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Caleb Brantley faces misdemeanor battery charge

The former Florida Gator defensive lineman is in trouble with the law after allegedly knocking a woman out.

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Former Florida Gators and current NFL Draft prospect Caleb Brantley is now facing a misdemeanor battery charge stemming from an altercation occurring earlier in the month of April.

The alleged incident, having occurred on April 13, involved Brantley and a woman who he allegedly knocked out and displaced a tooth according to the published police report.

The misdemeanor charge is of first-degree battery. Brantley could serve up to a year in prison if he finds himself convicted of this charge.

Our friends from Alligator Army provide even more details based on the previous reporting of the incident in question:

But on April 17, multiple witnesses gave Gainesville police accounts of the event suggesting that Brantley’s pushing away of Austin was more escalated retaliation than response. That sworn complaint, available via the Alachua County Clerk of Courts, has one witness telling police that Austin was knocked unconscious by Brantley, while another says Brantley struck Austin in the face with a closed fist, and additionally identified Brantley by photo lineup.

The sworn complaint also notes, as established fact, that Austin pushed Brantley prior to his strike in response, that Austin sustained dental injuries that will require a root canal, that Brantley’s use of force “was clearly out of retaliation and not self-defense” and “far exceeded what was reasonable or necessary,” and that Brantley did not want to be the victim of a battery on the scene.

This is a situation that is likely to only develop further as time goes on so we’ll be sure to pass on the info as it comes through the wire.