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NC State transfer Thad Moss commits to LSU

The Tigers haul Randy Moss’ son in to Baton Rouge (Yes, you read that right).

Wake Forest v North Carolina State Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

North Carolina State Wolfpack tight end Thaddeus Moss is LSU-bound.

247Sports’ Shea Dixon is reporting that Moss, a freshman tight end checking in at 6’3, 240 pounds, is the newest addition to the LSU Tigers.

Moss would go on to publicly confirm the news on his personal Twitter account.

Moss played in just five games in his freshman season with NC State, catching six passes for 49 yards and a touchdown. There is, obviously, plenty of untapped potential to still squeeze out of him and he will likely play a pivotal role when he steps onto the field in 2018 after going through the mandatory one-year waiting period due to NCAA transfer rules.

If the last name sounds familiar, well, it should: Thad Moss just so happens to be the son of legendary former wide receiver, Randy Moss.

Yes, we’re all getting very, very old.