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Team Speed Kills 2017 Bracket Challenge

You’re making a bracket anyway, why not enter?

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-City Views Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

SEC Basketball Fever is still going strong, so why not join our Bracket Challenge!

While we aren’t giving away a tangible prize, you get a couple intangible things such as: Bragging rights, a personalized message on the TSK Twitter account, a picture of Florida’s mascot in a tuxedo (That one’s actually for everyone, not just the winner. Enjoy!)

So join us! It will be fun!


  • Yahoo! is the home of the TSK Bracket Challenge. Join using THIS link.
  • The password is TSK (case sensitive)
  • Brackets are due by TBD on Thursday, March 16
  • Don’t lose to the TSK coin flip bracket