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Join the Team Speed Kills Bracket Challenge!

Come along for the ride.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Tournament-Kentucky vs Arkansas Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

FIVE (5) teams are in the NCAA Tournament, so why not get involved?? SEC Basketball Fever is still going strong, so why not join our Bracket Challenge!

While we aren’t giving away a tangible prize, you get a couple intangible things such as: Bragging rights, a personalized message on the TSK Twitter account, a picture of Florida’s mascot in a tuxedo (That one’s actually for everyone, not just the winner. Enjoy!)

So join us! It will be fun!


  • Yahoo! is the home of the TSK Bracket Challenge. Join using THIS link.
  • The password is TSK (case sensitive)
  • Brackets are due by TBD on Thursday, March 16
  • Don’t lose to the TSK coin flip bracket