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SEC Softball Weekend Wrap-Up (2/26)

We’re talkin’ sofffffftball.....

Leading Off…

Coming out of Sunday’s slate, Auburn’s 1-0 loss to James Madison is perhaps the most surprising result. A lot of the others fell along the same path (Florida, Ole Miss, Kentucky and Alabama all

winning) but the No. 2 team in the country wasn’t able to muster up even a run against 15th-ranked JMU. The usually great Tigers offense was stymied, as only one hit came to pass in seven innings of action. That hit can be credited by shortstop Haley Fagan.

As mentioned, the rest of Sunday’s results weren’t too surprising. Through Monday, it’s Texas A&M who holds the top spot in the conference with a perfect 15-0 record. The Aggies have been terrific all year and have knocked down three ranked opponents in their last four games including Michigan and No. 1 Florida State. There’s no telling when their winning ways will cease, but for the moment, A&M looks stupendous.

As the Aggies remain unbeaten, there are still teams with extensive win streaks that they may want to have on their radar when conference play gets going. A couple worth noting are the Florida Gators and Ole Miss Rebles, who while not ranked have a lengthy win streak of 10 going currently.

Tacking onto an eight-game win streak, Florida is a team that is not to take lightly as they won all three games this past weekend and are looking for more wins.

The Rebels meanwhile aim to move up in ranks of the SEC as the month progresses. Tough tests still lie ahead for everyone as we’re really just getting started.

Oh, and an obligatory mention for Alexis Osorio of the Alabama Crimson Tide. She has 84 strikeouts so far this season. 84!

SEC Players of the Week

Player of the Week: Ole Miss OF Elantra Cox

Pitcher of the Week: Texas A&M RHP Samantha Show

Freshman of the Week: Texas A&M LHP Payton McBride