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Chick Fil-A Peach Bowl Q&A with Underdog Dynasty

What do we need to know about the unbeaten UCF Knights?

Central Florida v Cincinnati Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

At this point, the folks probably know enough about UCF. But in case any aren’t aware, what’s the rundown on this team?

Luke Sarris (Underdog Dynasty):Speed is the name of the game for UCF. Their RPO offense gets the ball in the hands of some big playmakers. With the highest scoring offense in the nation and a quarterback that finished 8th in Heisman voting, this team knows how to find the end zone as good as anyone.

They’ll certainly be facing a stiff test in Auburn, mainly on defense. What’s the recipe for success in Atlanta?

Luke Sarris: There’s no doubt that UCF hasn’t played anyone this season near Auburn’s caliber. If the Knights are going to walk away with a victory, they’re going to need to win the turnover battle. Frost might even adjust his tempo to keep Auburn’s offense on the sideline longer.

Kerryon Johnson is healthy and will be a go in the Peach Bowl. Does UCF have the mettle to bottle him up?

Luke Sarris: UCF’s front seven has been the strongest part of their defense this season. With that being said, UCF is going to have to win the battle in the trenches against a big SEC offensive line. Keep an eye out for seniors like OLB Shaquem Griffin and DT Jamiyus Pittman to make some big plays up front.

How do you see the game playing itself out? Does UCF finish undefeated?

Luke Sarris: This is the last time these coaches and players are going to war together. Frost and his entire staff are leaving for Nebraska, leaders like Shaquem Griffin are graduating and stars like Tre’Quan Smith and Mike Hughes will likely declare early. Expect the Knights to leave every ounce they have on the field. Will that be enough to take down the Tigers? We’ll see on Monday.