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College Football Playoff 2018 Roundtable: Reactions and more

The Top 4 is set. How does TSK view the SEC-related storylines?

SEC Championship - Auburn v Georgia Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

So… Alabama’s in. Agree or disagree?

Brandon: I’m surprised, but the best four teams are in.

Tom: I would agree with this. At the end of the day, I think the committee will figure out the four best teams in the country and work backwards to rationalize why they’re in, and the question is -- do you think Alabama is a better team than Ohio State, Auburn, or Wisconsin? I watched the Big Ten championship game last night, and I don’t think either Ohio State or Wisconsin are better. And yes, I realize that Auburn won the Iron Bowl -- Auburn also looked pretty bad against Georgia yesterday. Alabama should be the fourth playoff team with Clemson, Oklahoma, and Georgia.

Jonathan: Very very surprised. I didn’t like the way they played for most of November, but with the assumption that all the injured LBs save for Shaun Dion Hamilton will be back, I think Alabama-Clemson 3 is a good game. So, given my lack of neutrality, I still think they got the right team.

Chris: I did think that Ohio State deserved to get into the Playoff over Alabama. I figured that you could overlook the loss to Iowa, and look at the fact that the Buckeyes beat Wisconsin, Penn State and Michigan State. At the end of the day though, I guess what it boils down to is this: Don’t lose twice, and don’t get blown out. Penn State suffered the same fate last year when they lost to Pitt and got blown out by Michigan. OSU now suffers the same fate. Oh well.

Jess: I wa$ $urpri$ed that the committee put Alabama in over Ohio $tate, knowing that two $EC team$ would be repre$ented and two whole conference$ left out, but I think they got it right.

Do you think Georgia deserved a higher ranking than 3rd?

Brandon: Yes. Georgia should be No. 2. The Bulldogs only lost was to then-No. 10 ranked Auburn. Oklahoma’s only loss was to an unranked Iowa State team that went on to a 7-5 record. The Sooners also only beat 1-win Baylor by seven points.

Tom: I mean, honestly? I can make a case for them being 1st because Clemson lost to Syracuse and Oklahoma lost to Iowa State at home -- and Georgia’s only loss was at Auburn, which is clearly a better team than Syracuse or Iowa State. Oh, and Georgia has some nice wins, too -- winning at Notre Dame was the big one, but they also won a rematch with Auburn and while most of the SEC East was bad this year, they at least destroyed the teams they played.

Jonathan: 2 and 3 are interchangeable. Their one loss is a lot better than Clemson or Oklahoma’s, but UGA is where they need to be. Clemson is the right #1 because of their utter dominance following the the ‘Cuse loss. That defensive line is incredible and Okie’s offense is firing on every cylinder imaginable. UGA being at #3 is about right.

Chris: I do. I think they probably could’ve been the 2-seed, given they beat everyone they faced this season. They had the blowout loss to Auburn. But then they returned the favor and stomped all over the Tigers in Atlanta. Oklahoma’s resume is impressive, certainly, and so is Clemson. But I do think UGA could’ve been the 2-seed. That being said, it probably wouldn’t have changed much, as Clemson was probably bound to play in New Orleans anyway.

Jess: I think Georgia could have justifiably been a 1 or 2 seed, but I also think they are better than both Oklahoma and Alabama, so to me their seeding doesn’t matter.

Which SEC team is more likely to win their semifinal?

Brandon: Georgia

Tom: Alabama

Jonathan: Alabama

Chris: Georgia

Jess: Georgia