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What we learned from the 2nd College Football Playoff Rankings

The second rankings look a bit like the first. There are, of course, some exceptions.

South Carolina v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The second College Football Playoff rankings are out. A lot of it looks the same, a lot of it looks different. Here’s what we learned from the reveal.

The Top 4 is the same

Georgia, Alabama, Notre Dame and Clemson did nothing, in the eyes of the committee, to warrant losing their spots at the top. With UGA defeating South Carolina, Alabama taking down LSU, Notre Dame beating Wake Forest and Clemson knocking off N.C. State, the Top 4 of the CFB Playoff Rankings remain the same going into this week. Understandably so.

But Oklahoma and Miami are creeping behind

The Oklahoma Sooners have done quite a lot this year. Despite the fact that they lost to the Iowa State Cyclones, they have two big wins over the Ohio State Buckeyes and Oklahoma State Cowboys. Both of which came on the road. Few teams can say they’ve pulled off those quality wins, so that puts them in prime position. They’ll have another chance of proving themselves this weekend, when they square off with the 6th-ranked TCU Horned Frogs.

And don’t discount the Miami Hurricanes, either. The ‘Canes are 8-0 and throttled the Virginia Tech Hokies over the weekend. Miami has arguably their biggest game in 15 years this weekend against 3rd-ranked Notre Dame. If they pulled off the win in their home dwelling, it would effectively take ND out of the Playoff race and possibly help The U propel up to the Top 4.

The Big Ten is out... unless Wisconsin wins out

Ohio State fell all the way to 12th after getting blown out by the Iowa Hawkeyes. The Penn State Nittany Lions fell to the 14th spot after losing to the Michigan State Spartans. The same Spartans who are ranked 12th right now. OSU and Penn State had the best chances of getting in the Playoff thanks to their schedules. With two losses each, they, along with MSU, don’t have much of a chance of getting in.

So, now the conference’s hopes lie with the Wisconsin Badgers. The Badgers are 9-0, but the quality of their division isn’t great. But with that said, is an unbeaten Power 5 team going to get left out of the Playoff? We might find out if Wisconsin handles their business and beats one of OSU or MSU depending on the situation plays itself out. Conventional wisdom suggests they wouldn’t, but time will tell.

We are just getting started, and shakeups loom

This weekend alone, we’ve got THREE Top 10 matchups:

  • #1 Georgia vs. #10 Auburn
  • #3 Notre Dame vs. #7 Miami
  • #5 Oklahoma vs. #6 TCU

There’s also #2 Alabama vs. #16 Mississippi State, #12 Michigan State vs. #13 Ohio State, #15 Oklahoma State vs. #21 Iowa State and #8 Wisconsin vs. #20 Iowa. Shakeups loom all over the place this weekend. Buckle up. We’re just getting started.