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Report: Jon Gruden doesn’t actually have interest in Tennessee coaching job

FootballScoop has the scoop.

New Orleans Saints v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

As has been the case for so long, Jon Gruden’s name came up in discussion for the Tennessee Volunteers coaching job. #GRUMORS, if you will, seem to always arise when talking about the Vols’ job, which opened this past weekend after Butch Jones was fired. It seems to happen all the time... and then, Gruden either denies interest, receives a fat, new contract with Monday Night Football, and the cycle repeats itself.

That appeared to happen again here in this case. There were reports circulating that Gruden already reached out to coaches, but FootballScoop has the, well, scoop. The latest update might not sit well with the camp that so desperately wants this to happen. According to Scott Roussel, Gruden to Tennessee, well, ain’t happening.

With the disclosure that we do not know who John Currie ultimately will hire, we share the following whispers that we have been hearing within the coaching profession….

Jon Gruden has no interest in being the next head coach at Tennessee. This is not happening. No one is being contacted about potentially joining his staff. Move on Vol fans…

So, we can put Gruden to bed, it appears. FootballScoop is pretty reliable in this coaching search world, so that they have knowledge of this seems like something we can take as reputable.

Interestingly enough, Roussel goes on to name a few others who are on John Currie’s list. Those names are David Cutcliffe and P.J. Fleck, the coaches at Duke and Minnesota. Others include Dan Mullen, Scott Frost, Jeff Brohm, Mike Leach possibly (although from what’s said is that he *could* be in play, but not necessarily is) and, interestingly enough, Jimbo Fisher, who Roussel reports “is willing to listen.”

There’s no telling who Tennessee will peg for the job. But according to this report, it won’t be Jon Gruden. Shockingly enough.