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Cal of Duty: Kentucky Basketball gets a sneak peak at Call of Duty WWII

Gotta love the offseason.

@UKCoachCalipari on Twitter

If you’re a video game developer, you’ll do anything to hype up your next game, especially when it’s the next installment in the never-ending Call of Duty series.

Therefore, it’d make sense that you’d want your game previewed and reviewed by John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats, one of the country’s most popular and recognizable basketball teams.

Practice has resumed for college basketball teams, but we are still very much in the offseason, meaning that priceless moments like these will only keep coming.

The tweet from Coach Cal also gave us some fantastic photos of him playing the game, and I’d like to imagine that he was attempting to tell the guy next to him to try an iso offense, a pick-and-roll, or something like that.

I can only assume this means that John Calipari will also take on duties as the first head coach of Kentucky’s e-sports team whenever that becomes an NCAA-sanctioned sport.