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Florida fires head coach Jim McElwain

Rumblings picked up this week... and now the Gators dropped the hammer.

Florida v Georgia Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Jim McElwain has been fired. After 2.5 seasons as the head coach of the Florida Gators, McElwain has been let go according to a report from Football Scoop.

Football Scoop’s report details that the two sides parted ways on Sunday morning. Rumors of a parting of ways started to kick up last week. Things intensified on Saturday, during Florida’s game with the Georgia Bulldogs, no less. Florida admins were reportedly seeing if they could fire McElwain “with cause.” This came after the coach’s claims of death threats to family and players were not corroborated by the administration.

McElwain went 22-12 as Gators head coach with a 16-8 record in conference play. They went to back-to-back SEC Championship Games, but issues were still present. Especially on offense, which with a coach like McElwain probably shouldn’t have persisted for so long. Squabbles with administration made it tough for this to end any other way. And now, the Gators will be looking for a new head coach for the third time since 2010.