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Adidas unveils new “Heritage” uniforms for Mississippi State and Texas A&M

Adidas provides some new looks for the new baseball season.

Adidas Baseball

Through the slow, bitterly cold months of winter, the only thing keeping baseball fans going is knowing that spring is around the corner, bringing with it green grass and sunny days at the ballpark. College baseball, however, is closer than we think, with the first games beginning in February. That much became evident today, with Adidas revealing some new uniforms that 6 teams will don in the upcoming season.

The “Heritage” uniforms, as so called, will be worn by 2 SEC schools: the Mississippi State Bulldogs and Texas A&M Aggies. For Mississippi State, the new look involves pinstripes and a script wordmark, two of my favorite things when it comes to uniforms. For Texas A&M, the uniforms have a simple design, one that’s similar to the Nebraska uniform they also revealed today.

After taking a look at all of the uniforms that Adidas revealed, I’d say that the new Mississippi State uniforms are my favorite among the bunch. Now, when it comes to the caps worn by the teams, Texas A&M’s definitely take the cake.

So, much like Bulldogs Coach Andy Cannizaro, I’m excited to see the Aggies and Bulldogs take the field in their new uniforms, but honestly, I’m so deprived of baseball that I’d even be willing to watch Mississippi State play in these: