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Florida Gators Basketball reveals new solid-black uniforms

The Gators are rolling out the jerseys this weekend against Tennessee.

University of Florida Athletics

There’s nothing better than a well-designed uniform, and there’s nothing worse than a poorly-designed one. Take, for instance, the beautiful “Chalk” uniforms that Kansas wore a few years ago. Now compare those to the hideous highlighter uniforms that Adidas sprung on Louisville, Baylor, Notre Dame, et al. For most, there’s no middle ground when it comes to judging uniforms—they’re either a hit or a miss.

I think these new Florida uniforms are the former.

After teasing the release of the new all-black uniforms in a tweet earlier Wednesday, Florida revealed the new look on Twitter later that evening.

So far, the reactions from Florida writers and fans alike seem to be positive:

The Florida Gators have an interesting color scheme, a Nike sponsorship, and a unique nickname, which is a great combination for creating pulchritudinous uniforms. So far this year, the Gators have been knocking it out of the park with promotions, as they did a pretty great “90’s Night” for their SEC home opener on Tuesday against Ole Miss. Seriously, take a look at the Twitter moment they created for the event. It was pretty incredible.

So, this Saturday, be on the lookout for Florida’s new, all-black uniforms. They’ll be donning them when they take on Tennessee at 5:15 that evening. It’s sure to be a great game made even better by a great new Gators look.

UPDATE: Former Gator and current Washington Wizard Bradley Beal has given the new uniforms his explicit approval.