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Idaho vs. Mizzou 2017 final score: Tigers win big on Homecoming

It was, indeed, a happy Homecoming for ol’ Mizzou.

Idaho v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Missouri Tigers grabbed their second win of the season in blowout fashion on Saturday. On Homecoming, the Tigers trounced the Idaho Vandals 68-21, temporarily alleviating pessimism in Columbia in the process.

The game wasn’t ever particularly close, save for the opening sequences. The Tigers fell behind early after a Matt Linehan touchdown pass to Kaden Elliss. But Mizzou would respond with 37 consecutive points, with 34 coming in the first quarter. The Tigers then proceeded to score 31 consecutive points in the second half before the run was upended in the final 48 seconds.

Needless to say, Mizzou did as they should. If only they, you know, could’ve done this earlier in the year.

We obviously didn’t learn too much from this game. Idaho is ranked 98th in S&P+, a spot that they will likely descend from after the weekend. They are one of the worst FBS teams in the country, having lost five of their last six games now. The Tigers, if nothing else, gained some more confidence with this W. But that confidence can only take you so far when you’ve yet to win an SEC game this season. That fact will in fact hold into November, since Mizzou has the UConn Huskies up next.

But, for now, we can say that Drew Lock did the damn thing. Lock threw six TD passes to four different receivers. Al Okwuegbunam, J’Mon Moore, Emanuel Hall and Richaud Floyd were the recipients of Lock’s TD passes, all of whom starred in the blowout win.

For now, Mizzou fans: Go enjoy your Homecoming night. While there won’t be any goal posts making the rounds to Harpo’s tonight, I’m sure there’ll still be fun had. Stay safe, be responsible and all that, too.