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Missouri Tigers football news: Walter Brady dismissed, Harold Brantley ruled academically ineligble

Texas A&M v Missouri Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The never-ending news cycle in Columbia, Missouri feels almost gluttonous at this point. Mizzou Athletics doesn’t seem to want to stay out of the news and after it appeared that an investigation into the softball program came up with nothing, and an investigation into the basketball program led to probation being handed down, we are, yet again, having another eventful day in CoMO.

This time the news that broke Wednesday surrounds the football team. Gabe DeArmond of brought the scoop in that two major players will not see the field in 2016 with one of them being dismissed from the program entirely.

Brantley didn’t meet the qualifications necessary to compete for the Tigers this season and Brady, meanwhile, violated team policy and has promptly been dismissed from the program. There’s no word on what caused Brady’s dismissal but Mizzou policy will likely keep that under wraps unless the lips are loosened in Columbia soon. As DeArmond writes, this is a pretty major blow to one of the best defensive lines in the country.

They will still have Josh Augusta and Charles Harris but Brantley figured to be a major player for them after missing all of 2015 following injuries sustained in a car accident. He was an honorable mention on the All-SEC team, so you can figure out that he was a major piece pretty easily. Brady, meanwhile, had an encouraging freshman season in 2015 after piling up seven sacks but his football playing career at Missouri is now encapsulated inside that small window.

2016 hasn’t exactly been so kind to Mizzou football as Brady and Brantley are the third and fourth players to receive discipline as KOMU 8’s Mark Kim tweeted after the news broke:

So, here we are again. Mizzou Athletics finds itself in the news for the wrong reasons. If you thought they couldn’t stay out of the news cycle, guess again. There’s no telling what could come next and whomever takes the AD job will certainly have their hands full when they get there.