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Introducing New Writer - Julian Council

Sup y’all.

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Howdy SEC fans!

My name is Julian Council, a new contributor (official title author, I guess) here at TSK. I’m was born and raised in Charlotte, NC (Crown Town ‘til I die) and am a graduate of THE Elon University…we rose from the ashes like a Phoenix y’all. By either divine intervention or karma I now live in the “great” state of Connecticut-- If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now. I come to the Constitution State for good reason, other than lobster roll and to work on my 401K, for just over a year now I have worked at ESPN Radio in Bristol as a production assistant. That has led to me to work on a variety of shows and broadcast, including none other than the Paul Finebaum Show. For those of you who can’t get enough of PAWWWWWWL, call in on a Monday or Tuesday during the season and I’ll more than likely be the guy who answers the phone.

I have now been with SB Nation as a contributor, staff writer, author, and blogger extraordinaire since June. You can check me out on Tar Heel Blog if you feel so inclined. Although, I grew up in ACC country and am a die hard Tar Heel, the SEC has always had a special place in my heart. Growing up, Saturday’s were incredibly difficult to get through the noon ACC window brought to you by Raycom because all I wanted was to hear Uncle Verne welcoming me to whatever SEC cathedral held the game of the week that afternoon. I hung at the edge of my seat in 2004 when James Wilhoit nailed a 50-yarder to beat Florida, coincidentally that was the last time the Vols beat the Gators. I watched every snap of the classic LSU-Florida game in 2007, where Les Miles went for it five times on fourth down propelling the Bayou Bengals to a national title. To recently, when I wished I was carrying a goal post thought the Oxford Square and diving off of bars like I was Katy Perry when Ole Miss upset Alabama.

Truth be told, I’m a college sports junkie. I know that I have a problem but opting out of rehab and writing here I think is the right choice for me. I will be candid in my posts, I probably do hate your team but that won’t show up in my writing…hopefully. I love the pageantry of fall Saturday’s in the South just as much as I love the sound of a cowbell at Dudy Noble and something called a rally possum at the Hoover Met. I hope that all of this will come out as I appeal to you, the SEC fan.

Glad to be a part of the team,