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How to watch Saturday’s coverage of The Opening 2016: TV listings, prospects and more

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‘The Opening,’ the annual Nike football event taking place in Beaverton, Oregon, is set to be televised on both Saturday and Sunday night this weekend and as is always the case, hoards of attention will be on the annual recruiting event in the pacific northwest.

SB Nation's The Opening Coverage

A wide set of recruits and commits that could be coming to an SEC field near you could be taking part in this recruiting spectacle, so it may behoove you to give the looming telecasts this weekend some attention.

As always, expect SB Nation’s recruiting gurus to give you the latest if you can’t find a TV anywhere and we here at TSK will be doing our part as best we can, too.

How to watch The Opening


Time: 8 p.m. ET

Stream: WatchESPN


Which teams have the most commits at The Opening? The answers will not shock you!

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