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Introducing New Contributor, Jordan Rinard

#CONTENT is Gator bait

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Hello all,

I'm Jordan Rinard, a staff writer over at Hustle Belt (the MAC blog on SB Nation), and I'm looking forward to joining the TSK community as a contributor. I graduated from Miami (OH) with a bachelor's in Sports Leadership and Management in 2015, where I covered sports for the school newspaper while also serving as an intern on the football coaching staff at Miami, where I helped out with the day-to-day operations of the program and worked with an assistant coach that previously worked at Alabama. I've been writing for Hustle Belt since graduation, contributing mostly pieces on football and recruiting.

Prior to 2010 however,  I was really into Florida (long live Spurrier) and am really excited to bring some football and recruiting coverage to TSK. With the recruiting trail heating up and football season rapidly approaching, producing #content for Team Speed Kills is going to be a lot of fun.